FINALE (Ladies' Choice ... Come Away To The Ball)
June Bronhill ... Hanna Glawari
Jeremy Brett ... Count Danilo
Men :
Ladies’ choice
Did you hear that gladd’ning voice
It’s enough to rouse the hair
As well as make the heart rejoice
She looks this way at me
But will she say to me
Dear madam, I am standing by
And now it’s ladies’ choice
Hanna Glawari :
Gentlemen, though I may refuse
I’ve no objection
Gentlemen, how can I choose
With such a wide selection
If I don’t decide on one
I’ll be disappointing none
There are younger girls aplenty
Count Danilo :
Better rich than sweet and twenty
Men :
Take my arm, take the floor
Count Danilo :
My club assistant is a bore/boor
Men :
Once and then no more
Count Danilo :
I must work to save the day
I must get these lads away
Storm breaks, thundering getting frightening
I’ll fetch conductors for their lightning
Man 1 :
Just look at the way that she plays with me
The worst thing to do to a man
For all the attention she pays to me
One might as well be in Japan
Man 2 :
For years women argue and fight to vote
On terms on a par with a man
They’ve got what they wanted, the right to vote
What next if they don’t when they can
Man 1 : Here’s a proposal
Man 2 : And here’s another
Both :
My new election banner now advance
Man 1 : Vote for Mr. Cascada
Man 2 : Vote for Mr. St Brioche
Both :
He’s far the best one to choose for a dance
Men :
Down with Mr. Cascada, Down with Mr. St Brioche
I’m far the best one to choose for a dance
Hanna Glawari :
My answer to that one is easy
For all party cocussa grim
The men are too bumptious and breezy
The women are blouncy and prim
But if you insist on promoting
This game of a mock party fight
I’ll work for my country by voting
And win the election tonight
Man 1 : I’ve had a brainwave
Man 2 : I’ve had another
Hanna Glawari :
Then I must do the very best I can
Serious reflection goes before election
Which of the two is the proud, lucky man
All :
Serious reflection goes before election
Which of us all is the proud, lucky man
Hanna Glawari :
Gentlemen, you win
It looks as if you’re not to be resisted
Very well, I’ll make my choice
Women :
Ladies’ choice, ladies’ choice
Count Danilo :
Rescued in the nick of time
Young lovers all awake
Night brings you waltz time
And the moonlight sings in waltz time
All the lanterns are swinging
And burning low
Where are the fond couples clinging
As ‘round they go
Young lovers all take part
Bright, sign and beauty
Play your part now
Do your duty
For the dawn breaks by and by
Woman :
If you please, sir, here am I
Count Danilo :
Come away, come away, to the ball
Where the dreams that you dream will be true
For the strings, as they play, seem to call
Beckon and call to youCome away, come away, to the waltzFloat along on a lilting refrainTo the land of desire, where no heart can be falseAnd the world will be young againWomen :Lead away, we all awakeChoir : Young lovers all awakeNight brings you waltz timeAnd the moonlight sings in waltz timeAll the lanterns are swingingAnd burning lowWhere are the fond couples clingingAs ‘round they goYoung lovers all take partBright, sign and beautyPlay your part nowDo your dutyFor the sun wakes, and the dawn breaks Young lovers all awake